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Personal Tax Returns



Close attention is taken on every tax return prepared.  Whether it’s a business or a family we try our utmost to meet every client’s needs. Any question or issue a client may have, we take the time to answer them. We are here year round to assist you in all your financial matters. In addition, we have a team of CPAs check each an every tax return that goes out. We all know human error occurs. Which is why we have every tax return checked twice.  If a client should have to pay estimated tax payments, we set them up for them.




Corporate tax returns



The same personal attention given to an individual tax return is given to a corporate return. We take the time to strategize and manage all our company’s records. It can be an overwhelming task for a small business. There are many different accounting requirements for an 1120 tax return. We provide you with service to accurately track all revenue and expenses while minimizing tax liability. In addition, we assist Corporations pay their payroll and sales taxes. 



Estate, Trust, Partnerships & Gift Tax Returns 



When you need advice from a trustworthy advisor, we are there to carefully understand and work with you regarding your family and financial situations. At the Gallis Group we know how important it is to plan for the future. With new tax laws constantly being implemented, it is vital to remain current with all the changes.  When it comes to safeguarding your goals with estate & trust tax planning Phil Posner can properly advise you on what is the most tax efficient manner. His expertise is with high net worth individuals who want to preserve their family’s financial future. He is proficient in all areas of estate, trust & gift tax returns.



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